About Us

West Side View

We (my wife & I) became interested in renewable energy in early 2006, I have an electronics and basic engineering background, interspersed with a little Social Work and have been in business most of my adult life. I have always been a "jack of all trades" so it was a fairly easy transition into renewable energy. To get myself a foothold and a quick and dirty education, I did a Proven Wind Turbine installation course, which set me in the direction I was to follow. Looking at the then crowded market (solar panel installers!), I felt it would be better to concentrate more on the DIY and hardware component side of the renewable energy market, selling and advising on systems for new builds, various projects and self installation, this turned out to be a fairly wise move, as we are still here all these years later, having sold equipment to practically every continent on earth. Although I am now semi-retired, my wife continues to run the business.

After the first year or so in the renewable energy component supply business, I had some ideas I wanted to confirm by building an off grid wood cabin that could be completely self sufficient in both heat and power with the products that were available then as well as utilise some very old technology to make it possible.

Hence we built the cabin to show that you can have failsafe systems that can supply power and heat a number of different ways so that you can have a perfectly comfortable life if you set out to control your needs and use options that allow you to use alternative resources should it ever be necessary. We offer the cabin as an educational holiday adjunct to our business as well as a pure get away from it all experience!